modern carModern society can’t be imagined without basic means of transportation, namely without a car. With the help of this miracle of car structure we can, for example, quickly to get to work, to deliver a variety of products to the destination, to save the lives of people, travel and much more. In the XXI there are a huge number of manufacturers specializing in the production of motor vehicles. Therefore, the user can choose a vehicle that will meet all of its requirements (brand, color, specifications, price). Unfortunately, not everyone can buy and keep the car, because it needs constantly to invest money in it.

In the era of the discoveries and achievements the car can be rightfully called a multifunction device. Some people believe that the car is just a means of transportation, without which they can’t imagine their daily life. Others call modern car as luxury items. But there are people who buy a car in order to emphasize their special status in society. Yet, we should not forget that the main purpose of vehicles is transportation of people and goods.