2017 Nissan Titan2017 Nissan Titan SV crew cab 4 by 4 monitored up a few weeks ago. It comes with the comfort agreements package among some factory accessories as well some recent aftermarket upgrades that I want to go over seek an idea. Of what it looks like. Without further ado you. First thing you’ll notice is no French and spoiler. I removed it Not concerned with aerodynamics. Or MPG savings I just prefer the look. So I You’ll see a ¬†thought matching tent on the front windows. The privacy glass in the rear. If you’re rich altering tired to use. Round 27570 or eighteens same size as. The pro 4 X 0 rubbing or issues whatsoever. In the few 0 miles an agreement so far. Tom I particularly don’t care for any slash words on trucks but I left the sonic came with the truck factory century low profile.

Really good live to a knife but typically those too large larger ones I don’t care for. These look good. Factory running boards. Really good functionality and just. There were phenomenal. No they came with the company to use package. These have LEDs at night you’ll be able to see it all to another video Nissan Titan retrofit headlights. Showing when you unlock and lock it power goes on and off. Undercover flex trifled to cover. Flush and low profile. Bruce we I’m also got the factory electronic tailgate lock. What. Locks and unlocks. With the key fob. Did a give soon. 3 inches 3.5 inch stand still exhausted. Both on I Well suited to study our antenna. Took off that big Ole mast. On. Surprisingly great reception and. I listen examined. Search radio. Anyways so. Not a big deal but if I did want to do I am FM on that option. Now looks cool. I’m going to mention that. We care to user. Stream quiet. Surprisingly on the highway. So there you have it folks. Please comment subscribe coming at you with more videos harmony song Titan 2017 have to recap. Hope you enjoyed.