Toyota TacomaThis is a 2005 Toyota Tacoma, that was just traded it had article. Believe it or not has just 43001 owner mile. So possibly the lowest mile example not just in the state of Washington that maybe even on the west coast grade 2000. Where to find it in extending. I just books in the front but to expect people in the back. For all of your gear. Now this is the first year and the new body style. This is the sixth variation her sixth generation of Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks in this one here as. It’s not that is simply the best tribe and improvement It states. Here It really is that Toyota has earned their reputation is making the best trucks. Sold in the world actually and the this latest 6. Apple specially such low miles is surely going to bring a lot of positive he hasn’t. Or whoever is taking a look at it just 43000 miles again. As you may know if you’ve done your homework on 2000 by that’s the first year that they came with standard down electronic brake force did.

As well as antilock brakes and saw how that works is unlike most pick up trucks if you have to slam on the brakes they can be a little bit scary actually because the wait just a Then it’s off of bias so much in the front as opposed to in the back both electronic a great course distribute. Plus they have another smart breaking. Top of the anti lock brakes it’s very very smooth especially considering Seattle’s rubber elements. Sam on the brakes in the right. Pick up truck this is definitely the one you.

The brakes on The most secure breaking that any truck that there is and this is in some car cross over type of deal this is a real body on. Pick up truck that could total 3500 pounds. No small vehicles or most small crossover type vehicles they really don’t go at all but this will tow it as much as it weighs. Take a look inside. 65 worst power on this. 84 foot pounds of torque it still gets 25 miles per down on the freeway and you’re not parting with any the nice creature comforts this one has a great stereo system and has power windows power locks power mirrors cruise control leather wrapped steering wheel and it still looks like brand new inside still smells like brand new inside as well. Nice big bad. Cut outs for all your extra wide shape here. Tires look fantastic the exterior looks fantastic first looks fantastic Italy as 43000 miles.

This is a really great looking trust that hasn’t been used as anything other than at a third car in a part time. Still feels like a brand new vehicle and you’re gonna feel like you just bought a brand new vehicle the only thing that’s different. The money you’re saving come take a look at Infinity of Kirkland this is when you’re gonna enjoy for a long time. Info about Toyota Tacoma headlights read at link