One on you too. Owning things returning to my channel up please drive and it like. And I Melissa make a shout out to my body. Adam he has a you tube channel. And as I town killer 17. Check it out and he has a Dodge Challenger headlights you like it’s sexy as all hell. The bridge check it out using some awesome shit to it. Very good and should check on his YouTube channel. So today. On what nights I am doing a HID headlight see how bright is at night. And my back tail LED lights once checked that out see how bright is at night to.

dodge challenger headlightsSo Yeah please join us Facebook the group is called what it does to lose please join us. And The bass group you should define joins you love cars muscle cars stuff like that please join. And now I’m sure looks like it was to late off was the HID headlights. These are the hid dodge challenger headlights. And Or just powering up right now. And they will get greater and greater. And those are freaking bright. And let’s turn around and take a look at the. Outside. Those are not bright still there just to record running lights. Human rights please. The game and writer. Never check out the back till it’s. These are the back till lately I have their Dodge Challenger headlights LED their bright.

They’re very bright. I got these off eBay. So yeah. Well you some other video gotten him off eBay ID people on there ray also critical. That’s why it’s like that. Feels group rights nose art right on right now. These are the brakes on. Honey turned bright off please. Just the right. Alright.Still bright as hell. They feel a little warm but not too warm at all like. That burning thing so we’re good. I wish I can change the cover and inside here right there. But it’s okay how does leave it doesn’t matter. Maria how changes colors. We see it how they’re changing.